Welcome to my World !

I'm a part-time amateur writer living and working in Langley in Berkshire in the UK.

I began writing in 1996 after having to retire from my career in the National Health Service due to heart disease. I've had a series of heart attacks and two heart bypass operations. Between 1996 and 2000, I contributed regularly to a number of UK leisure and lifestyle magazines. Many of these articles can be downloaded from the 'IN PRINT' section of this website. I've also contributed to some television programmes.

In 2007, I appeared in three episodes of ITV's WaterWorld.

Reviews & Testimonials

"He has a thoughtful, innovative and dedicated approach to his screen writing and programme making ambitions, which has seen him develop original ideas from outline treatment to fine cut – in itself, no mean achievement."

Keith Wootton. Producer, Factual Programmes. Carlton Television

"He is an innovative thinker, always coming up with fresh ideas and the verve to put them into action"

Chris Cattrall. Editor – Canal & Riverboat Magazine

"It is his adaptability, together with his reliability and enthusiasm for the job, that makes him a welcome contributor"

Courtney Freedman. Editor – The Art of Bonsai Magazine

"He is, above all, self motivated and enthusiastic about his work and the world of filmmaking"

Joan Greening. Production Co-ordinator – Connections Communications Centre Ltd

"I am sure he will have a successful career"

Peter Gilbe. Managing Director. Optomen Television

"A most interesting - and well written article" (Referring to '43 Years in an Iron Lung' – SAGA Magazine).

Geoffrey Lean - The Independent on Sunday.

"Your choice of features shows ability to write for different audiences. Clear evidence of excellent research and writing flair."

Zella Carriere. Lecturer in Journalism, East Berkshire College

"The web pages of this hypertext author combine elegance, intrigue and utility."

Lesley Smith. Computing and Information Systems - George Mason University USA