Flopumentary Filmaker

"Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail."
(Samuel Johnson - 1749)
On location with DannyDog Productions

Following my success at college, I was encouraged to begin making documentaries for money; to start my own commercial company. I was encouraged when I procured my first commission, not from a local client, but from a company in Australia (pictured right)!

Although lasting only 90 seconds, this short video took two weeks in pre-production, a day to record, and a week to edit. But it was worth it.

However, it gave me false hope and I foolishly expected work to come flooding in, and the two commissions I subsequently got took a heavy toll on both my physical and psychological well-being. If you have ambitions in filmmaking, and strive for excellence, don't let anyone let you think it's a soft option. It isn't. It's extremely hard work, especially trying to get commissions and during pre-production. It was this that led to yet another downturn in my health.