On Screen

Water World

Water WorldAt the offline edit Water World

In 1999, on the recommendation of the editor of Canal & Riverboat magazine, I was approached by a producer from ITV Carlton (Central Region) who were embarking on a six-part documentary series about life on the canals of the midlands. They asked me if I would be interested in working as a 'Research Associate' in return for work experience in television documentary production.

I took on the role and spent several months providing research material for the prodution team. The series, broadcast in the Spring of 2000, was a phenominal success and captured 37% of the viewing audience.

I gained a considerable amount of experience, especially during the offline editing process (see picture right) and 'got the bug' for television production.

Water World has since been running every spring, and each series now runs for ten episodes and remains as popular as ever.

The Royal

In 2002, because of my expertise in the subject, was asked to provide technical advice on the workings of iron lungs for the ITV series 'The Royal'. Images from some of the scenes appear below.

Studying Media (Moving Image)

Richard Hill graduating in Media

In 2002/03, I studied Media (Moving Image) at Uxbridge Collegein West London and graduated with distinction.

I am particularly indebted to my lecturers and mentors (both broadcasting professionals), John Symonds and Rob Miller.

Individual Artist of the Year (Slough) 2003

In 2003 I was honoured to be nominated for, and named as 'The Individual Artist of the Year' in my home town of Slough.

It was schemes in Slough in which I became involved that enabled me to develop my skills in the field of media. I must acknowledge the support of the Arts Development Team of Slough Borough Council and the Creative Partnerships of England team based in Slough.

Video Productions

Prior to a downturn in my health in 2004, I wrote, produced and directed a number of short factual video productions. These include:

  • The People's Slough
  • Creative Horizons 2002
  • The Final 'Cut'
  • Uxbridge College - Your future starts here
  • Hearts in Slough
  • An audience with George Galloway MP

Chris Lambert in 'Turning Japanese' by Richard Hill

When I was taken ill in June 2004, I was working on a documentary called 'Turning Japanese', but due to worstened health, it will remain unfinished. However, you can download and view the opening sequence by clicking on the link below. Please be patient while movie downloads Download Here (5.7mB)

WaterWorld 2007

In 2007, I appeared in three episodes of ITV's 'Waterworld'